The musical collection "He+She=Love"

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The musical collection "He+She=Love"

This collection is the continuation, development and the culmination of the relations begun in the previous collection. Love each other and love all world together with us! Thanks, Company ATMA, that you exist!

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1 Potpourris of EU and AH 1.50
2 Without you Evegeniy Topol (N.Arhipov) 3.45
3 Child of fire of Slavjana 3.13(N.Demidov's) N.Demidov's
4 Milky Way 3.234 Млечный путь Н.Демидов (Н.Демидов) 3.23
5 I Will arrive to you Sirenia(E.Rodionov's) 4.14
6 Swallows of T.Ostrjagina and O.Agafonnikov (A.Dementev, E.Martynov) 4.54
7 Jazz of White Clouds (I.Nikonenko's) 4.45
8 My girl autumn O.Sachkov (O.Sachkov) 4.56
9 Be with me Ketrin and Ket (E.Konopelcheva) 4.09
10 Return only ! O.Serdtseva (O.Serdtseva, A.Galimzjanov) 3.09
11 I not I Leush (A.Makarov) 3.3311 Я не я Леуш (А.Макаров) 3.33
12 I Love, kiss and wait! V.Hozjaenko (E.Muravyov, R.Gorobets) 4.09
I.Zvontsov's 13 Labyrinth (V.Asmolov, A.Zatsepin) 4.0213 Лабиринт И.Звонцов (В.Асмолов, А.Зацепин) 4.02
14 Not to be in time Tajnaa Th (A.Kochin, P.Karamov) 4.41
15 Autumn of our feelings of Diamant (S.Fenchinko) 4.00
16 Joy (I.Tumanova's)4.19
17 Best woman I.Nadzhiev (L.Voropaeva, V.Dorohin) 5.22 5.22
18 Thanks you Diamant (K.Pechnikov) 3.32

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