The musical collection "He and She"

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The musical collection "He and She"

He and She: Meet, love, be together, get into secrets of each other under a rhythm of these frank songs! ATMASPHERE of our Company has new acquaintances and Human Dialogue. Everything that occurs in Ah-club gathers ordinary, interesting and cheerful people. Most likely you will find at us something to yourselves to liking and can not be engaged in one business together with the friends and favourite, - in order to be together!

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He and She

1 Greeting AH and NS 0.33
2 Diamant is peculiar to Men(A.Muskatin, A.Rodikov) 3.43
3 Oskolochki (O.Serdtseva, A.Galimzjanov) 3.07
4 And you could not … Eugene Topol (N.Arhipov) 3.21
5 It is far... S.Orlov (E.Izmestev) 4.14
6 All above Aerodance (S.Nagradova) 3.34
7 Postojte, polkovnik! O.Serdtseva (O.Serdtseva) 3.56
8 I still love you S.Orlov (E.Izmestev) 5.27
9 Nothing to afraid of S.Orlov (S.Mudrov) 3.29
10 Not that,it is not that Diamant (V.Chupretov) 3.41
11 Accordion in night Leush (A.A.Makarov) 3.53
12 Aerodance Sky(S.Nagradova) 3.47
13 Mood of a rain Diamant (V.Chupretov) 3.39
14 To Trust Slavjana (Славяна) 4.00
15 Rain O.Sachkov (O.Sachkov) 2.45
16 Do not leave me Evgeniy Topol (N.Arhipov) 3.04
17 Good-bye, love... O.Serdtseva (O.Serdtseva, A.Galimzjanov) 4.05
18 Perehody Ketrin and Ket (L.Pojarkova, E.Konopelcheva) 3.53
19 Where are you I.Tumanova (I.Tumanova) 3.28
20 Appeal of NS and AH 0.46

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