The musical collection "We are so different"

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The collection "We are so different"

These songs are about us, such different and unique. I hope that they will help us to find in themselves new and new forces for the best affairs for the sake of which fulfilment we and are born to this Earth.

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We are so different  

1 First greeting of the composer AH 0.14
2 This world (ml.) (I.Talkov, I.Talkov of ml.) 4.44
3 Day after day Tajnaa Th (S.Kochin, P.Karamov) 3.51
4 Plastilinova girl N.Demidov (N.Demidov) 3.08
5 Shaman Aerodance (S.Fisun) 3.18
6 The Girl Mila and Christina (I.Rashri) 3.14
7 Ugly Taxi (A.Chernyshova's remix) 4.25
8 If for ever Aerodance (S.Nagradova) 3.34
9 Jashcheritsa Slavjana () 3.40
10 Brighten White Clouds (I.Nikonenko's) 2.49
11 Bullet the silly woman V.Hozjaenko (V.Tikhomirov, A.Mashkovich) 4.39
12 These military men O.Serdtseva (P.Gradov) 4.11
13 With soul at autumn (I.Nikonenko's) White Clouds 3.54 3.54
14 My Friends, thanks for O.Naumenko (R.Ahmatova, O.Naumenko) 3.19
15 Stop it.. I.Talkov (ml.) (I.Talkov of ml.) 4.11
16 The Second a greeting from composer AH 0.43
17 Amazing days the Companion (V.Budnyj, S.Burlyk) 4.44

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18 Maria Soli Maria Soli (I.Rashri) 3.52
19 Mum, do not call to Diamant (A.Muskatin) 3.54
20 Mum O.Agafonnikov (A.Magilevsky) 5.02
21 You sacred I.Talkov (ml.) (I.Talkov of ml.) 4.48

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